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Wrote about us - NOVINKY.CZ

Exercising and therapeutic mattress

While sleeping, your body regenerates and rests. On the market it is currently possible to find also the mattresses which are able, in fact, to exercise for you, more exactly said they ensure stretching for you. “In cooperation with medical schools we together try to develop products which help and cure,” said František Hlaváč, Managing Director of the Magniflex Company, to Novinky, adding that the Magnistretch mattress is able to support, during the sleeping process, the treatment of e.g. prolapsed disc, pinched nerve in the spinal area or setting of the spine. The mattress with the world-wide patent is simply able to ensure all these functions. “People feel immediate relief. The essential fact is that the upper layer of the mattress will embrace you. From the waist up and from the waist down it will start to stretch through the operation of the load, in a non-invasive way. According to the tests carried out, a person using this mattress can stretch by 1.5 cm for eight hours,” states Hlaváč, adding that eight hours of sleeping on the mattress corresponds approximately to thirty minutes of exercising focused on the stretching of the spine. The product is available at two heights and in the medium-rigid and medium-soft variants. The product costs about 23 to 25 thousand crowns.

Life extending bed

In order to ensure a nice fragrance in the bedroom, you can, for example, light a scented candle there. Furniture manufacturers thought out still a better variant, which provides not only a nice fragrance but at the same time it cures as well. “The bed made of alpine stone pine, which grows in the Alps at a height above 1600 metres, is interesting also thanks to the fact that it features a high content of pinosylvin, which is the substance released gradually from the wood. And thanks to this substance you can sleep better. Your sleeping is deeper, and it is even possible to reduce the heart rate by up to eight thousand units per night, which means that if you sleep in this bed you can live longer,” says David Srněnský, Business Representative of Jelínek, with enthusiasm, stating that in Europe this bed is not new, but in Bohemia it has been sold for two years only. Czechs are said to get accustomed to such things rather slowly. In its basic design it is possible to buy the bed at a price of CZK 30,000, while in full equipment you will buy it for CZK 70,000.

Dog beds and cots

Only few people are aware of the fact that even pet dogs can have the same problems as their masters during the sleeping time. With regard to the fact that Czechs are fond of their dogs, also the mattress manufacturers had to respond to customers’ requirements. “We were asked to produce the same mattress also for the dog which had problems with joints or setting of the spine. For this reason we have four types of beds and cots of various sizes with an Italian memory foam,” says Hlaváč.

Moss wall

If you like to include natural elements in your homes, you can complete your bedroom also with a moss wall. It raises a pleasant, calming impression and creates an atmosphere of a forest and rest. In no case is the wall an imitation, it is formed of real forest moss. “Although we have been manufacturing the walls for five years, it is not a usual article yet and it is still perceived as an innovation. The real future of this element will only come. It is really organic moss which was grown in special places and which was harvested by the companies with certification for moss harvesting. Then the moss is preserved, which means that it does not require any moisture, watering or daylight anymore,” says Jakub Hoďánek from the Flower Company adding that the product does not require almost any maintenance. Sometimes it is good to remove dust from the moss, by using the vacuum cleaner or fan. The only attribute which it loses in the course of time is colour. A pleasant characteristic, unlike the moss brought home from the forest, is the fact that no insects come out from the product preserved this way in the owner’s home. With regard to the fact that the company has been operating for five years, its owners know that moss can last for five years. The prices start at three thousand per square metre but you can get even to fifteen thousand crowns for mound moss. It depends on the type which you choose.

Kristýna Léblová, Novinky



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